About Digital.Health

Welcome to the alpha version of Digital.Health, a site dedicated to the field of digital health and medicine.

The DIGITAL.HEALTH site (still UNDER development) is PRIMARILY designeD AS A RESOURCE FOR clinicians, HEALTHCARE innovators, technologists aND PROVIDERS FROM ACROSS the healthcare continuum… WHO ARE INTERESTED IN understandING the broad digital health field and IN FINDING AND leveragING existing and emergent digital health related tools, resources,products, news and related information.

Digital.health has been created and curated by dr.Daniel Kraft.

contributors and additions are welcome. Contact daniel if interested in being part of and helping grow the digital.health Platform.

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Videos about Digital Health from Exponential Medicine

Below are a selection of talks related to Digital Health from the Exponential Medicine conference (next being held November 4-7th, 2019). More videos from Exponential Medicine can be found here.


A terrific summary of the history of digital health in an interactive timeline from DigitalHealthcareTimeline.com