Cardiology Apps, Devices & Platforms

Cardiovascular disease is particularly amenable to Digital Health solutions. From EKGs on phone case to connected blood pressure cuffs...

Apple Watch Series 3

Sport Band with stainless steel pin.

  • Ion-X glass, Heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Ambient light sensor, Retina display with Force Touch
  • Composite back, Splash and Water resistant in rain, exercising, etc

Prognosis: Cardiology

Prognosis cardiology app is designed for practitioners of cardiology, developed by Medical Joyworks, LLC.

ACC’s ASCVD Risk Estimator

ASCVD Risk Estimator was designed by the ACC to estimate the 10 year and lifetime cardiovascular atherosclerosis risk based on ACC guidelines.


Cardiio is an iPhone app incorporating cutting-edge technology developed at the MIT, which involves recording your heart rate simply by taking an image of your face.

Airstrip Cardiology

AirStrip Cardiology app is designed for use by physicians, but to be able to use it, the physician’s healthcare facility must have purchased and installed AirStrip Cardiology.

HeartEvidence Pro: Landmark trials in cardiology

HeartEvidence Pro is a great resource to access the landmark clinical trials in cardiology. This app was designed by internal medicine residents.

Alivecor® Kardia EKG

Take a medical-grade EKG anytime, anywhere. In just 30 seconds, detect normal heart rhythm or AFib.


ACC’s CardioSmart Explorer

CardioSmart Explorer is one of the ACC apps developed to aid physicians to virtually demonstrate moving, interactive images of the heart and cardiac conditions and procedures to their patients in real-time at point-of-care.

ACC’s Guideline Clinical App

The Guideline Clinical app again developed by ACC provides guideline-based recommendations and calculates risk scores based on different criteria.

PulsePoint by PulsePoint Foundation

PulsePoint is a great app which maps people having a cardiac arrest with those who are trained CPR first responders in the vicinity of the victim, through local emergency services. It also directs the CPR first responder to the nearest available automated external defibrillator (AED) in the area in order to shock the victim as required.

Cardiology Tool by Epocrates

This app helps clinicians perform essential day-to-day cardiology calculations in patient care.

ACS Trials (Paid)

ACS Trials app was designed by cardiology fellows and internal medicine residents to provide a platform to enlist over 80 important trials in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) in one place for quick and easy access on-the-go.

Alivecor® KardiaBand for Apple Watch

30-second EKG anytime, anywhere. Replaces Apple Watch® band. Compatible with 42mm Apple Watch (Apple Watch sold separately)


ACC’s Anticoag Evaluator

Anticoag Evaluator is a great resource for physicians to facilitate better decisions related to antithrombotic use for nonvalvular AF patients. It uses the HASBLED and CHA2DS2-Vasc scores with other parameters to calculate the stroke risk and renal function.

Kardia by Alivecor®

Kardia is a FDA approved breakthrough device with an accompanying mobile app which detects and records EKG wirelessly from anytime, anywhere, in 30 seconds.

Blood Pressure Monitor by Taconic systems

The Blood Pressure Monitor recording and tracking app does exactly that. In addition, it allows you to add reminders for various things like time to measure BP, time for medications, etc.

SecuraFone Health by SecuraTrac

SecuraFone Health app is a unique app with many lifesaving features. It allows the physician to wirelessly monitor vitals, body position, activity and GPS tracking 24×7.

The ECG Guide (Paid)

The ECG Guide is an exhaustive resource for ECG interpretation for medical professionals. It includes a variety of topics including, approach to ECG interpretation, ECG waveform analysis, ventricular hypertrophy, atrial enlargement, ischemia, arrhythmias, heart blocks, 2009 AHA guidelines on EKG interpretation, etc.