: An app that monitors your mental health


Mindstrong Is Transforming Brain Health Through Measurement Science. Mental healthcare is typically reactive and results in high costs, poor outcomes, and patient and family suffering.


You can take steps to improve your memory health. Neurotrack uses clinically proven science to help you assess and improve your memory over time.


The SyncThink platform is an FDA cleared multi-modal battery of assessments used to rapidly and objectively identify the status of brain health and performance.


Oculogica develops revolutionary eye tracking technology to transform concussion testing & TBI evaluation.


The eyes are the windows into health.


Strength in Mind, Body, and Heart

Kintsugi and the Mindful Minute

Create more happiness, meaning, and flow into your day.

Give yourself a minute to detox on Kintsugi Mindful Wellness. Relax that critical inner dialogue and restore faith in your abilities to be the best you with our eco-friendly, smart voice journal. Learn more about yourself and others, design goals to improve mindfulness, and never run out of pages.