Best Pediatric Podcasts

PedsRAP: The Irresistible Audio CME Podcast for Pediatrics

PedsCases: Pediatrics for Medical Students

Peds in a Pod: A Pediatric Board Review

PediaPod: Pediatric Research - Nature

PediaCast CME : A Pediatric Podcast for Providers

Pediheart: Pediatric Cardiology Today

Pediatric Emergencies Podcasts

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Podcasts

Paeds Podcasts - Intensive Care Network

PCICS Podcast - The Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society


Seattle Mama Doc

Add some of these….https://blog.feedspot.com/pediatric_blogs/

Articles - Podcasts in Medical Education

“Using podcasts to deliver pediatric educational content: Development and reach of PediaCast CME.”

?????? Add something like this…The SharecareNow Top 10 Online Influencers in Pediatrics are:

1. Claire McCarthy, MD - http://childrenshospitalblog.org

2. Harvey Karp, MD -  http://www.happiestbaby.com

3. Wendy Sue Swanson, MD - http://www.seattlemamadoc.com

4. Jennifer Shu, MD - http://healthychildren.org

5. Natasha Burgert, MD - http://kckidsdoc.com

6. Sue Hubbard, MD - http://kidsdr.com

7. Gwenn Schurgin O'Keeffe, MD - http://www.pediatricsnow.com

8. Jen Canter, MD - http://www.playthisway.com

9. Alan Greene, MD - http://www.drgreene.com

10. Denise A. Somsak ,MD - http://pensivepediatrician.com