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CTTI is a public-private partnership to develop and drive adoption of practices that will increase the quality and efficiency of clinical trials.


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CTTI members participate on our Steering Committee and represent diverse stakeholders from across the clinical trial enterprise, including over 80 member organizations and several individual patient/caregiver representatives. It is this collaborative approach that makes CTTI uniquely positioned to affect widespread change.

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Science 37 uses advanced telemedicine technology and patient-centric innovative networked clinical research models to rapidly accelerate biomedical discovery and bring down the costs of clinical trials.

Technology Platform: NORA





Evidation Health’s technology powers a novel discovery engine for behavior-focused studies and a modern delivery platform that connects everyone who wants to participate in better health outcomes. Individuals are at the center of it all.




Teckro is a mobile digital answers engine, currently powering clinical trials for the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.