Digital Surgery 

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Digital Surgery. World’s largest library of surgical intelligence through mapping surgical procedures.

Verb Surgical. Democratizing Surgery.

Digital Surgical Education:

Stanford’s Technology Enabled Clinical Improvement Center. General Surgery Research Initiatives.

“The Technology Enabled Clinical Improvement (T.E.C.I.) Center is a multidisciplinary team of researchers dedicated to the design and implementation of advanced engineering technologies that facilitate data acquisition relating to clinical performance.

The T.E.C.I. team has had great success in quantifying physicians’ clinical experiences using sensor, video, and motion tracking technologies. This work has resulted in an information rich database that enables empirical evaluation of clinical excellence and medical decision making.

By leveraging highly specific and objective clinical performance metrics, the T.E.C.I. Center is harnessing the unique opportunity to support peer to peer data sharing and clinical collaborations that can transform the clinical workflow and ultimately benefit healthcare providers.

The T.E.C.I. Center aims to transform human health and welfare through advances in data science and personalized, technology-based performance metrics for healthcare providers.”


FT Digital Surgery Summit

? Add about the “The quantified Surgeon”…Prof Shafi Ahmed…