Big Health

Big Health - Sleepio. Digital therapeutic for sleep and insomnia.

Big Health - Daylight. Digital therapeutic for worry and anxiety.

Omada Health. (Prediabetes, T2DM, HTN, High Cholesterol)

CDC Recognizes Omada Health’s Prevent for Use in Its Diabetes Prevention Program

Meru Health. Digital Clinic for Mental Health

Meru Health's digital clinic offers an app-based treatment program that is supported by licensed therapists.

Meru Health individualizes the program based on patient’s personal information and needs.

Pear Therapeutics. (Substance Use Disorder, Opioid Use Disorder)

Pear’s Product Pipeline

Akili Interactive. Time to play your medicine. (ADHD, ASD, MDD, MS)

“Proof-of-concept study of an at-home, engaging, digital intervention for pediatric ADHD.”

Click Therapeutics. (MDD)

Dthera Sciences. (AD) -under development

Welldoc. (T2DM)


Rock Health’s Report: Building Pharma-Digital Therapeutic Alliances

Digital Therapeutics Alliance.

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