Evidence for Digital Health Related technologies and platforms:

Just giving a patient a wearable, or a smartphone, or any number of apps and.or devices from Blood Pressure cuffs, to VR avatars, does not mean that they will be effective in impacting a particular disease condition (prevention, diagnosing, monitoring, to therapeutic impact).

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This page seeks to summarize some of the published, peer-reviewed evidence related to Digital Health. Much of this work is being published across the medical literature.

New entities are seeking to make the acquisition and sharing of clinical evidence more efficient and streamlined, as epitomized by several academic programs and entities like Node Health.


Digital Medicine Clinical Trials - via Eric Topol

This partial list of Clinical Trials showing positive results in randomized clinical trials (RCT) was created by Dr. Eric Topol and shared on Twitter (@EricTopol).

Evidence and Impact on Human Health and the Healthcare System (IQVIA Report)

A report by IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science. The proliferation of Digital Health tools, including mobile health apps and wearable sensors, holds great promise for improving human health. Over 318,000 health apps are now available on top app stores worldwide with more than 200 health apps being added each day. This report on Digital Health examines trends in three areas — innovation, evidence and adoption — to assess whether these new tools are positioned to have a fundamental impact on patient care. As Digital Health brings new approaches to the management of health conditions this report explores the growing body of evidence that demonstrates their impact on human health and extrapolates the potential cost savings to the U.S. healthcare system.

Virtual Reality as Therapy

The chart on the right compiled by Dr. Brennan Spiegal, director of health research at Cedars Sinai gastroenterologist, leading VR researchers and founder of the Virtual Medicine conference.

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