Vision screening test for preverbal and nonverbal children.

VIFANT Visual Acuity Screener

Our visual acuity screening method uses the principles of the OptoKinetic Nystagmus (OKN) reflex to tell whether a patient’s eyes can follow a moving target. VIFANT can objectively measure vision acuity in patients as young as 6 months of age, even without verbal communication between the tester and the patient.

No Extra Hardware to Buy

Leveraging an off-the-shelf tablet, VIFANT is able to perform this evaluation without requiring any specialized hardware, expensive cameras, or equipment.

Ease of Use

Primary Care Physicians and their staff can perform visual acuity testing of young children using just an iPad and the VIFANT Vision Acuity Screener app.


With young children, every minute counts for a speedy patient experience. Screening only takes 2 minutes.

Notes: Novel Vision Screening Digital Platform for Preverbal Children, this will be interesting for primary care providers, pediatricians, child development specialists, health care visitors….etc