As Digital Health and Medicine seeks to add value across prevention, diagnosis, therapy, to clinical trials and biopharma- the involvement of academia is key, to help study, inform, catalyze and evolve the field in a critical and evidence based way.  The centers listed below are amongst those leading the way.  Also see Digital Health focused Academic Journals.  Have an addition? Let us know.


Stanford center for Digital Health

Backed by Stanford University and the ingenuity of Silicon Valley, we want to advance digital health through collaboration and exploration. We strive to advocate precision health in new ways by focusing on our three pillars: Enabling the Community, Connecting External Resources, Leading Key Initiatives

center for digital health innovation at UCSF

Digital health technologies have the power to transform healthcare. Yet many new technologies are hitting ‘last mile" issues and failing to deliver on their promise. We believe that access to the creative minds and patients at our world class medical center can drive insights into the successful development, implementation, and adoption of new digital health technologies.

Ochner Digital Medicine Programs

InnovationOchsner is taking on some of the Gulf South's most urgent problems: hypertension and congestive heart failure. But these conditions aren't just plaguing our region. The majority of deaths in the United States can be linked to chronic disease, and iO's Digital Medicine Programs are using technology-driven patient engagement to reimagine care delivery.



The Oxford Institute for Digital Health

This  a centre of excellence which provides all the elements necessary to design, build and deploy successful digital health interventions. Founded in 2015, it’s based on collaborations that are already in motion across Oxford that span academic research, clinical practice and cutting-edge technology. By bringing together creatives, technologists, patients and clinicians, in sustained collaborations which follow digital health innovations from inception all the way into clinical practice, they aim for both local and global impact.


Radboud University Medical Center REshape Center.

Technology is changing possibilities and lowering in costs of it faster than ever, sometimes even exponentially. To cope with these aspects, Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands launched a program called the REshape Innovation Center. They include patients in everything they do #PatientsIncluded. Within the framework of Design Thinking they use human centered design to develop solutions together with patients, relatives, caregivers and other stakeholders.


USC Center for Body Computing

With a mission to modernize health care through technology to make it more personal, affordable and accessible for allthe USC Center for Body Computing (CBC) was founded in 2006 as one of the nation’s first academically-based digital health research and innovation centers. The USC CBC, functions as a transdisciplinary brain trust and innovation center within the Keck Medicine of USC medical enterprise.  By leveraging digital technology to provide personal and continuous care, the USC CBC conducts clinical research to establish safety and efficacy of these emerging technologies.

partners center for connected health.png

Partners Healthcare Center for Connected Health. 

Fully integrated within the Partners HealthCare network, this center is affiliated with Harvard Medical School teaching hospitals, including Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. The center is focused on making healthcare patient-centric, efficient and agile. In collaboration with forward thinking partners they design, develop and test new solutions, and scale them through the Partners enterprise.



The Penn Medicine Center for Digital Health (CDH)

The CDH seeks to advance science by researching the implications of the advancement of digital health technology for patient engagement and care delivery.  The Center also serves as an incubator for evaluating and promoting digital health ideas and solutions for providers and patients at Penn Medicine.


The Center for Digital Health at Mount Sinai

The Center for Digital Health at the Icahn Institute in the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai serves as a hub of innovation where our team of clinical researchers, engineers, product designers, data scientists and clinicians works collaboratively with academia and industry to create digital platforms that enable large scale and ongoing participation from patients and consumers.


The University College London Institute of Digital Health

UCL IDH is a network of researchers, projects and research centres united by a shared interest in the potential of digital technologies to improve health and wellbeing. Our expertise spans health and medicine; data and computational sciences; the human sciences; and legal and policy matters. More importantly, we work in interdisciplinary consortia to address complex research problems of practical relevance to the future health of people and populations.